Farmyard Cabbage

Farmyard Cabbage by E.B. Watts – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 250 pieces

Farmyard Cabbage was an excellent quality puzzle that was great fun to assemble. I adore the image – it’s so different from your average jigsaw puzzle – and it’s so cute!

Wentworth puzzles have excellent quality, with thick wooden pieces that have a great feel in your hands. There are a good variety of shapes; and while their pieces aren’t Victorian cut they do have intricate whimsies that compliment the image. The image reproduction is excellent with beautiful colors and is expertly adhered to the wood.

The whimsies for this puzzle are shapes I haven’t seen before from Wentworth and were perfect for this farmyard image….


I especially love the detail on both the tractor and the cow. They’re all so fun to pick out when you first open the box – searching through the pieces to find the whimsies is almost as entertaining as putting the puzzle together!

The beautiful colors and interesting image made this assembly so much fun, and I loved every piece! I don’t use the box image when putting together wooden puzzles (unless I’m REALLY stuck), and this one tested me – but in the best way possible. I started with the dirt on the bottom of the image and worked my way up from there. The cabbage itself was the most challenging part, especially finding where each of the animals fit in.

I usually end my posts about wooden puzzles by telling you that you should treat yourself to a wooden puzzle if you can – this post is no different. Perhaps you could ask for a small one for your birthday or for Christmas. You can find small wooden puzzles starting at $12 for Wentworth, $18 for Artifact, and $39 for Liberty. They are definitely worth it – and so are you! ❤

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