Yellow and Black Labs

Yellow and Black Labs – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

These adorable puppies were just too cute to pass up! It was more difficult than I bargained for, but sometimes that’s a good thing, at least it was here. The quality was very good as well – an excellent puzzle all around!

Just look at those faces! Who could leave these two sitting on a shelf in a store? Definitely not me. It’s a Milton Bradley, and their puzzles more often than not have good quality. Sometimes I come across one with poor quality, but I take my chances when the image makes me happy, and these little guys make me very happy!

It seems to me that the 300 piece puzzles usually have better quality than a larger piece count by the same brand – especially when it’s an EZ grip. I guess us oldsters who do these 300 piece puzzles need thicker pieces too hold onto. I’m not complaining mind you, I love the extra thick pieces. 🙂

Both of the puppies were easy  enough to put together, but the background and foreground where the challenging parts. It’s one of those images that makes you say “Aww!” Definitely recommended – two pups way up! 🐶🐶

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