Yellow by Guido Cecere – Ceaco – 550 pieces

I thought this one was going to be difficult, there’s so much yellow! But once you start separating the pieces you can tell it isn’t going to be that bad. There are many shades and textures, and plenty of letters, numbers, and symbols to help out as well.

Ceaco puzzles sometimes have really good quality, especially with their special editions. There have been puzzles I’ve done with cork and velvet backing by Ceaco that were excellent quality. I’ve also done a few corked backed puzzles by them that haven’t been that great. I’m confused why everything seems so hit or miss with this company. This particular puzzle had a great fit, but the chipboard used was sub-par in my opinion; right out of the box there were pieces that had backing that was splitting and bent. The image wasn’t adhered to the chipboard well either and there were several places where it was lifting. How I wish they did a better job in the quality department, there are so many beautiful puzzle images in their catalog!

I love this image, and even have the red one yet to assemble. It will likely be just as entertaining to assemble, but hopefully not as disappointing as far as quality. Fingers crossed! 🤞

7 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I wonder if they have a couple of different manufacturing locations. Perhaps the lower quality ones are coming from the lesser quality manufacturing plant? If that’s not the case, then perhaps its a matter of when the puzzles were manufactured. I know even with Ravensburger there is a difference between the puzzles they did in the 80s vs. now as far as quality.


    1. I don’t know about their manufacturing, it just frustrating to have so much up and down in the quality department. Still, I buy them when I’m in need of a puzzle with the right piece count if they’re available. I’m a junkie, I gots ta get ma fix!


  2. Puzzler

    I have the blue puzzle and, surprisingly, the quality was very good (for a Ceaco puzzle). I was impressed with the thickness of the pieces and the image quality. Probably a dozen or so of the pieces had very small dents on them, but otherwise, the pieces were of a good quality.

    I’m with you about being frustrated with Ceaco’s lack of quality control. It’s so hit or miss. The Blue puzzle one was the first Ceaco puzzle I bought. I’ve bought three others since and they’ve all been varying degrees of worsening quality. I’ll never buy another Ceaco puzzle which, like you said, is a shame because they have some really cool images.

    The folks at Ceaco can’t be that clueless about the hit-or-miss quality of their puzzles. I have no idea why they don’t change things.


    1. I haven’t seen the Blue puzzle at the store, but I’d be interested to assemble it too. I love the images!

      I’m not really a fan of Ceaco because there seems to be no quality consistency. I know that no manufacturing process is perfect but it seems to be such a huge variance from REALLY good quality to absolutely awful.

      I’m stuck at home in bed with nothing to do but watch tv and puzzle, put me to work as a quality control consultant, I’ll tell ya what’s what! LOL


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