Ugh, more holiday puzzles!


I have to confess that I’m absolutely OVER this Christmas in July thing I’m doing. Christmas puzzles have never been my favorite – in fact, I usually go out of my way to avoid them if I can!

Of course no one is forcing me to do this, and to be honest it’s not the actual assembling of the Christmas puzzles that I’m having an issue with. It sounds completely crazy (and most likely I am) but it’s the deciding what holiday puzzle to do next that’s causing me grief. I finish a puzzle and realize that I should do a Christmas puzzle next and it just makes me feel “blah”.

There are so many Christmas/winter puzzles out there, and a lot of people enjoy them. I’m just not a follow the crowd kinda gal; if everyone loves them it doesn’t mean I have to, and I don’t. The images all seem very similar to each other which I find to be boring, so it’s usually only the ones that are very different that appeal to me.

Oh well, there are only 11 more days in the month. There are 5 Christmas puzzles in the queue at the moment (4 micro puzzles and one larger size), that oughta be enough to finish out the month. 🎅

Perhaps it’s not really the Christmas in July thing that’s the problem, perhaps it’s my weird, fickle, little old lady brain. Who knows? Certainly not me!

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