Red by Guido Cecere – Ceaco – 550 pieces

This puzzle was a little more difficult than Yellow, the colors are deeper and made it a bit more challenging to discern the different shades. Still, it was very entertaining!

The quality was good, the pieces were about medium thickness with a few bent pieces but not a whole bunch. The fit and image reproduction were both very good, and there were a nice variety of piece shapes. This puzzle was actually one of the better Ceaco puzzles I’ve assembled in a while.

I love the Mobil Pegasus, and the vintage picture is gorgeous as well…

It really was a fun puzzle to put together, and thankfully it was one of the better quality Ceacos. There’s a blue one that I haven’t done yet, but if I come across it one of these days I’ll definitely be wanting to assemble it.

Cobble Hill has a whole rainbow series of puzzles that look challenging and interesting – I’m just not sure I’m up to working on those yet. Fingers crossed though, maybe soon!

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