Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy by Robin Preiss Glasser – Briarpatch – 100 pieces

When mom showed me this puzzle from her latest thrift store finds I was excited to assemble it, even though it’s a kids puzzle. I absolutely love the image, that little girl is so me!

This was my second Briarpatch puzzle, and the quality of this one was completely different than the first. They were both thrift store purchases, so you have to take into account that they’ve been assembled before – possibly many times. My first puzzle from this brand was an I Spy puzzle, mom and I were impressed with the quality of the pieces; they were thin but very sturdy and fit together quite well. This puzzle also had thinner pieces, but they were easily bent, didn’t fit together well and the finished puzzle didn’t lie flat. A bit of a disappointment for such a fun image. 😦

Four missing pieces was quite a bummer. Not only because I wouldn’t be able to pass this puzzle along to the school my daughter works for, but because I liked the image so much and would love to have seen the entire puzzle assembled. That’s the gamble with used puzzles though. Wait – does that mean my sweet little old lady mom and I who love buying thrift store puzzles are degenerate gamblers? Nice!

I’ve never read the Fancy Nancy books, but she looks like a little girl who’s slightly weird (not a negative if you ask me) and loves who she is even if that’s different than everyone else. That’s the impression I get from this image, and it makes me smile every time I look at that adorable face. We weird girls have to stick together and be ourselves no matter what – you go girl!



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