Paw Patrol (1)

Paw Patrol (1) – Ravensburger – 49 pieces

Mom found this box of 3 Paw Patrol puzzles, 49 pieces each at the thrift store. She cannot pass up a Ravensburger at the thrift store, I think it may be physically impossible for her. Since they’re going to be donated to the school my daughter works for we always assemble them to be sure no pieces are missing; all 3 puzzles were complete. 🙂

Ravensburger puzzles are premium quality and their kids puzzles are no exception. The pieces are thick and sturdy, fit together wonderfully, and the image reproduction is crisp and clean with bright, fun colors. With this box of 3 separate puzzles you also get posters of each of the images to help with assembly since the box top images are small. Also, the backing of each puzzle is different so that you can separate them easily; one is the traditional blue chipboard of a Ravensburger, and the other two have symbols added to each (triangles, circles).

The puzzles themselves are basic and easy to assemble, but it doesn’t matter to me – I love assembling puzzles no matter the size. I do have to confess that I’m always happy to put together a bunch of kids puzzles not only for the enjoyment; I can assemble a BUNCH of them in a day, so they’re helpful in making sure that I’ve always got a good backlog of puzzle posts for the blog. 😇

These puzzles are cute, fun to put together, and excellent quality. If you’ve got a little one in your life who loves Paw Patrol I highly recommend these puzzles. Two little old ladies had fun putting them together!

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