Ballet Lesson (1)

Ballet Lesson – Ravensburger – 35 pieces

I assembled another kids puzzle with the same name on the same day (that’s the reason for the number), they were both Ravensburger and both very pretty. This one was much easier to assemble, but the other one had fairies and glitter and you know I’m a sucker for some glitter!

Ravensburger kids puzzles are absolutely wonderful quality, if you’ve got kids you’d like to buy puzzles for I highly recommend them. Cobble Hill and Eurographics also make excellent quality puzzles for children and have great catalogs to choose from.

The pieces are large and easy to handle, very thick and fit together beautifully. The colors are interesting and lovely without being too bright – it’s subtle, but so very pretty. There are an excellent variety of piece shapes to work with, and enough going on in the scene that each piece has clues to where it should go. It’s important with a puzzle for very young children that it not be too difficult for them to figure out placement, each piece should have something that leads to the piece beside it. It builds confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment, and puzzles are so very good for developing brains!

I never took ballet lessons as a child, I was too much of a tomboy to want to put on a frilly tutu and dance around. I wanted to be a gymnast like Nadia Comaneci; it seemed like much more fun to get to run around and tumble, that was much more my speed. But if you’ve got a little ballet dancer in your life, this would be a great puzzle for them! 🙂


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