Busy Airport

Busy Airport by Peter Nielaender – Ravensburger – 35 pieces

This very small piece count puzzle didn’t take much time at all, but it was done on a day where I sat in front of the tv assembling all the kid’s puzzles I had in the house. I wanted to make sure all pieces were there before donating them to the school my daughter works for.

Another wonderful quality Ravensburger puzzle, although I think this one may have been well loved before it was donated to our local thrift store. The box showed quite a bit of wear and tear, but the pieces seem to have held up very well. There was one slightly bent piece that you can see in the picture above (the tab is slightly raised), but otherwise the puzzle remains in very good condition.

Many puzzlers say they only do 1000 piece puzzles or more, but I love puzzles no matter the size. I’ve had quite a bit of fun doing puzzles geared towards children, perhaps because I may be an adult but I refuse to “grow up”. I can enjoy myself doing a puzzle no matter how many pieces it has, and as long as there’s enjoyment that’s all that matters!

Besides, parents need to see reviews of puzzles for children; they deserve information about quality and difficulty of assembly as much as adults do. 🙂

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