Panda Family

Panda Family by Howard Robinson – Ravensburger – 60 pieces

This is such a sweet image, it’s hard to resist those adorable faces! I love the pop of color at the bottom too; it’s just a lovely picture all around.

Ravensburger puzzles are excellent quality premium puzzles, no matter what age group they’re geared towards. The puzzles for both children and adults are made from high quality chipboard and have a beautiful finish. They fit together very well, and sometimes I might even say the children’s puzzles fit even better than the adult ones. After giving a few Ravensburger puzzles to my adopted grandson, his mother tells me that he prefers this brand over all his other puzzles. He will assemble pretty much any puzzle he can find, but he always goes back to the Ravensburgers, even the ones that may be missing a piece or two. He’s become a bit of a puzzle snob like me!

This image isn’t too simple, the bright colors at the bottom are easy enough to assemble quickly, but the pandas themselves and the forest in the background take a little bit more time. It was fun to assemble, even for a “grownup”, and was the usual wonderful Ravensburger quality. Highly recommended! 🐼

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