American Puppy

American Puppy by Jim Lamb – Lang – 500 pieces

I had never worked a Lang puzzle before, and I really love this image so I decided to give this one a try. I might purchase a Lang again if it had an exceptional image that I just had to have, but otherwise I don’t think this is a brand I’ll be purchasing much.

The pieces were on the thin side, and unfortunately there was no variety in the piece shape either. Without a selection of shapes to choose from, large areas of the same color or pattern become even more difficult. The finish was slightly shiny, but not too bad. Overall though, just a little sub-par for me.

I usually like to try at least 2 or 3 puzzles from one brand before making any pronouncements about the overall quality, but this one was purchased new which makes it a bit easier for me to assess it’s quality. Still, if we’re able to find any Lang puzzles at the thrift stores that have good images I’d be willing to give them a try; if for no other reason than to get more information on this brand and it’s quality.

I’m not a great fan of cat puzzles; puppies and dogs are more my style. A quick search of the artist brought up only puppy puzzles, I guess he’s a dog person too! There are still so many brands I have yet to work with, and when an image is sweet like this one I just can’t help myself and I want to give it a try. I’m not sorry I bought this puzzle, even though at times the assembly felt a bit tedious it is still a great image and I was able to check off another brand from my list. There are so many still left to try! 🙂



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