Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt – Sassi Science – 200 pieces

This giant of a puzzle almost took up our entire board! Another new company for us to try – Sassi Science Puzzles. They make wonderful quality educational puzzles about a variety of subjects. I’m always interested in educational puzzles, I find them fascinating  (and there are usually lots of words to assemble 🙂 )

This puzzle was great fun, lots of colorful clothing and hieroglyphics to assemble at the bottom; the pyramid and Sphinx were a little challenging but very entertaining. The pieces were very thick and fit together well, definitely excellent quality. And the puzzle pieces were quite large and made an impressively sized finished product. In addition, there was a 32 page book inside with all sorts of interesting information on ancient Egypt.

This was a great thrift store find, and we were happy that all pieces were present and accounted for. It has been donated to the school my daughter works for and I hope they’re enjoying it as much as mom and I did. (We’re both gray-haired old ladies who are extremely young at heart and enjoy putting together puzzles for any age)

If you find any Sassi Science puzzles that you like I would definitely recommend them. They’re wonderful quality, and I love a puzzle that can teach you something too!

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