Fallingwater – Galison – 500 pieces

This isn’t my typical choice for a puzzle image, but the fact that this is a double sided puzzle and that the blueprints for this building is the image on the back piqued my interest and I couldn’t walk away from it. What an excellent idea!

I had a couple of issues with the quality of this puzzle, the first being the very shiny finish on the picture of the house; there was way too much shine, making it very difficult to work on under artificial lights. In fact the shininess of the pieces was part of the reason that I did the majority of the assembly with the blueprint side facing up. Secondly, the fit at times seemed a little mushy; when you tried to fit the pieces together you couldn’t always tell if the fit was correct.

I looked at other Galison puzzles at the store, luckily I was able to take the lid off and look at the pieces in the bag. There was another image that I liked very much, but the pieces were all ballerinas (2 prong, 2 hole) Blech! I prefer pieces to have more than one shape. On the plus side this puzzle had a good variety of piece shapes and once it was assembled correctly the fit was good enough to lift the entire puzzle. Here’s the image on the back…..

Fallingwater Blueprint

I was all over the place when I assembled this, the edge was put together picture side up then I flipped it over to assemble the blueprint in the center. I thought assembling the blueprint would be interesting, and it was! Once the majority of the blueprint was assembled and the only pieces left were all blue I flipped it over again and let the image assist in completing the remainder of the puzzle. I make no apologies – it was fun!

5 thoughts on “Fallingwater

  1. Anonymous Person

    I have a double-sided Galison jigsaw puzzle and was not impressed at all with the quality. One side of the puzzle has lots of scratches (maybe from the blades used to cut the puzzle?) on the puzzle pieces. I also didn’t like the super shiny finish that was on one of the sides of the puzzle piece. I was also disappointed that Galison does not include bonus posters inside their boxes.

    P.S. I feel like I’m always whining about puzzle quality on your blog — I assure you that there are brands that I ♥ like Buffalo and Re-marks 🙂


    1. If a puzzle blog isn’t the place to talk about puzzle quality (good and bad), where should we do it? LOL For those of us without social media, this is basically it for us!

      I wasn’t that happy with this puzzle quality, although I didn’t have any scratches on my puzzle. I wouldn’t buy this brand new again, but I would probably do another if there were a variety of shapes, I really liked the image, and we got it second hand.


  2. Anonymous Person

    Yes, the image is really cool — especially the blue print side, can’t say I’ve ever seen a jigsaw puzzle with that kind of image before.

    I have two Galison puzzles, one double sided, one not. The not double sided puzzle was better quality (no scratches) but all the pieces in that puzzle we what you would call “ballerinas.” And again, no poster and I really felt a poster would have been helpful. Galison is a brand I would only buy if the puzzle was deeply discounted and/or on clearance.

    I saw on your February list that you recently completed a 1000 piece Re-marks puzzle in just a few hours! That is amazing! Depending on the image, it usually takes me 4 – 6 days to complete a 1000 piece puzzle!


    1. The collage was so fun and one section lead to another, it was so entertaining I couldn’t seem to peel myself away from it. Re-marks has come out with some excellent 1000 piece collages I saw at Barnes & Noble, I want every one of them, but my wallet says NOPE.

      It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to finish a 1000 piece, but sometimes I get in the zone and before I know it the puzzle is finished!


  3. Anonymous Person

    Yes B&N has an excellent selection of Re-marks puzzles — all the book cover collage-style puzzles are out of stock online 😦 I’m hoping B&N re-stocks them — it seems like they weren’t on the site that long, maybe a month, maybe two months. It would be a bummer if Re-marks has already put those puzzles out of production and into retirement 😦

    Together, my husband & I can do a 1000 piece puzzle in 3 days but that’s when we pretty much spend most of the weekend doing a puzzle — I still don’t think I could take 2 – 3 days to finish a 1000 piece puzzle on my own regardless of the image style. Very impressive that you can!


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