Dinosaurs – Melissa & Doug – 48 pieces

Here’s another small children’s puzzle that mom and I assembled on our visit/puzzle day. Melissa & Doug make excellent puzzles for children and they have some really interesting educational and fun images.

The colors seem a bit muted here, but it was still a pretty puzzle and an entertaining assembly. The fit is almost seamless and the pieces were wonderfully thick. Melissa & Doug are primarily focused on children’s games and toys and they have a very nice selection for children of all ages.

They also carry a small line of adult puzzles, but I don’t believe I’ve assembled any of them yet. We’ve not found any of their larger piece count puzzles at the local thrift stores, but I’m hoping for the chance to try one someday.

Melissa & Doug, I wouldn’t say no to one of your adult puzzles to review; I love trying out new companies! 😉

5 thoughts on “Dinosaur

  1. Anonymous Person

    I’ve been seeing the “What’s On My Board” image changing a lot over the past several days — looks like you’ve been working on larger piece count puzzles. Are you completing them all? Got your puzzle mojo back? Also, is the “Spice Rack” puzzle a new one? If so, who makes it? I hope it’s not White Mountain — their puzzles are absolute rubbish quality.


    1. Spice Rack is White Mountain sorry to tell you. I just now finished sorting it and will hopefully start actual assembly later this morning. Quality is actually pretty good!

      I have been completing what I started lately and seem to have gotten my mojo back! Yay! You can always check the Completed in 2018 page for each month to see them completed before the posts are done. 🙂


      1. Anonymous Person

        Well I’m glad your White Mountain puzzle is good — for some reason I always get poor quality puzzles and I’m done with them. I’ve put the White Mountain brand on my short list of puzzle-brands-to-not-buy-anymore which is a bummer since White Mountain puzzles does have some very cool imagery.

        Glad your puzzle mojo is back! And even though I directly visit your blog I never noticed that you added the 2018 page — that’s really cool that I can get a sneak peek of the puzzles you’ve finished before you right up proper blog posts 🙂


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