#NuzzleNoses by Keith Kimberlin – MasterPieces (Insta Paws) – 500 pieces

Mom and I assembled this puzzle together, and it was really fun! I’m always thrilled by a thrift store purchase that is so adorable and so much fun to assemble. We loved this one❣

This is part of the Insta Paws series from MasterPieces, collages of some of the most adorable puppies and kittens around! Taken by photographer Keith Kimberlin, the images features sweet puppies and kittens doing all kinds of activities. It’s a very cute series, and I’d love to do more; here’s hoping the thrift stores around here help us out with that.

I enjoy MasterPieces puzzles, they’re a good quality puzzle for a great value and they have an excellent and diverse catalog with some great series – Memory Lane, Town & Country, Insta Paws, Space Savers, and many more. I like the feel of their pieces and the random cut makes a more interesting and sometimes more challenging assembly. It’s not a brand I usually purchase new, but love finding them at the thrift stores. They have so many great puzzles to choose from!

I’m a dog person, so my favorite sections of this puzzle are obviously the puppies, especially the little guy sleeping under a blanket, so cute! The kittens in the boots make me smile too. This puzzle is one of those fun ones with different backgrounds that make it easy to pull a section and work on it without having to keep looking at the box, they’re some of my favorite types of puzzles to do. It’s more satisfying for me to grab a section of pieces and figure out how they fit together without any assistance from the box or a poster – it makes me happy.

If this is an image that grabs you, I would definitely recommend this #NuzzleNoses; it’s a very nice quality puzzle with a beautiful image that’s pretty darn entertaining to put together. 🐾🐾

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