Policeman Dreams

Policeman Dreams by Dan Hatala – MasterPieces (Childhood Dreams Collection) – 1000 pieces

There’s something about this image, I love it! I haven’t had enough coffee this morning to articulate exactly why, all I know is that this image makes me smile and was a pleasure to assemble.

I went about assembling this puzzle backwards – I started with the more difficult sections. No idea now why this was, but I started with the sidewalk/road and then the sky. The rest of the puzzle wasn’t as challenging, although the cars did take a bit more concentration.

MasterPieces quality has been improving, in my opinion. The pieces fit together very well and are a good thickness. The finish is still a bit shiny, but overall that’s really my only issue. Every once in a while I get a puzzle where the pieces aren’t completely separated, but I’ve seen that with every puzzle manufacturer. There’s never going to be a company that is perfect every single time.

The Childhood Dreams collection by Dan Hatala is nostalgic and heartwarming and focuses on moments between parents and children. There are at least 11 more in the series that I’ve seen and I would love to do every single one of them; they are absolutely gorgeous! My black belt thrift store shopper has been given instructions to buy any of this series that she can find. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Policeman Dreams

  1. Leo Delescen

    What a beautiful image, I can see why it made you smile. I am going to search this series online, to find out if there are shops that ship these to Europe.


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