World Landmarks 42,000 pieces


Latest update on this new puzzle from the Spanish Association for Puzzles!

*Will measure 24.5 x 5.15 feet ( 7.49 x 1.57 meters)

*The puzzle is named “World Landmarks” and was illustrated by Adrian Chesterman, the same artist who did the previous largest single image “Wildlife” (also by Educa)

*The release date in Europe is November 20, 2017; I have no information on when it would be available from stores in the US

*The initial suggested sales price is 350 euros (approximately $418 USD) That’s not too bad, that’s approximately what I paid for the Disney puzzle and that included shipping from Germany to the US.

I’m really tempted by this one. I love the detail in Adrian Chesterman’s puzzles, and the colors are always gorgeous. It looks like it would be fun and interesting to assemble, doesn’t it? It does to me! But what in the world would I do with this puzzle? The Disney is still in sections and napping underneath my bed!


4 thoughts on “World Landmarks 42,000 pieces

  1. Anonymous Person

    Have you heard of Book Depository? It’s a UK based website that is affiliated with Amazon UK. No matter how much your order total is, they ship worldwide for free. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but I’ve ordered from them a couple of times (I’m in the USA) and all went well. Book Depository primarily carries books but I have come across some puzzles and other non-book whatnots when browsing their site. Maybe you can see if they have a pre-order listing for this specific puzzle.


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