Grist Mill Stream

Grist Mill Stream by Sally Caldwell Fisher – Pastime Puzzles – 500 pieces

A new puzzle company for me, and it was pretty good. It’s difficult to tell how the fit is, because there are so many whimsy pieces and not everything connects.  The image is kind of bland for me, but it was interesting to work with all the different shapes.

The piece shapes are pretty obvious in the finished image, but I almost think that’s a good thing here because it’s cool to see all the different shapes of the whimsy pieces. There were the usual dog and cat, etc., but some were really different! There’s a grand piano, a peacock, several letters, and a faucet to name just a few. 🙂

The pieces are a good thickness and very sturdy. Again, I can’t say much about the fit other than to say that the pieces that did connect seemed to fit together well. The image reproduction seemed a bit fuzzy, but that may have been the artwork itself. It was a little difficult for me to tell for sure. I try to err on the side of positivity, so we’ll say that it was the artwork and not the reproduction that was fuzzy.

I enjoyed assembling this puzzle and would be happy to try more puzzles from this company. I think for me the whimsy pieces are a fun change of pace once in a while, but I wouldn’t want to do them all the time. I’m just not a fan of pieces that don’t connect, it seems as though you’re always having to adjust everything. Again, that’s just my personal preference – if you enjoy them, rock on!

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