Tulips? – Hasbro – 300 pieces

Interesting puzzle! It was a fun assembly though and didn’t take very long at all. This is the first Hasbro I’ve done with the EZ Grasp extra thick pieces. Impressive!

I looked over every inch of the box and could not find a title for this puzzle at all. I have named it Tulips. I’m almost positive that isn’t the name, but it’s all my coffee starved brain could come up with this morning.

It was easy to separate these pieces while sorting, no second guessing needed. Red, yellow, green, building, and sky. It was a nice assembly for me, especially after having completed a 1000 piece puzzle that took several days. This one can be finished the same day, and is a nice change from the larger piece counts.

This is an excellent puzzle for anyone who needs larger pieces, they are easy to hold and extremely thick. There was a good variety of piece shapes and they fit together quite well; the finished image is seamless and beautiful. If all the Hasbro EZ Grasp puzzles are of this quality I would definitely recommend them. They’d be great for kids moving up from 100 piece puzzles too. 🙂


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