Lindbergh’s Flight

Lindbergh’s Flight – Parker Brothers – 500 pieces

Super cool puzzle from 1967! Unfortunately, missing 5 pieces, but it was still fun to assemble. You can see the age on the image itself, but it only makes it look more authentic if you ask me.

I LOVE having words to assemble, and this puzzle was almost nothing but words. 🙂 The pieces fit together very well, but way too many of them just sat next to each other instead of connecting. Pet peeve. Hate that!

This wasn’t as difficult as it looks, and mom and I had a great time assembling it. It was all a matter of putting things together in the proper order. Photo first of course, and then the map and the masthead. After that it was headlines from largest to smallest, etc. It wasn’t terribly difficult and lots of fun!

Too bad it was missing so many pieces, but after 50 years I guess you have to expect that a piece or two might wander off. Still, a fun assembly and total worth the $2!

4 thoughts on “Lindbergh’s Flight

  1. i have seen such puzzles (with new york times front page) on ebay, and was deeply impressed with them! i think, it is a great idea to tell a true historic fact, using a jigsaw puzzle.
    moreover, i have worked in a daily newspaper for some time, so i feel these nyt puzzles like familiar and relative ones)


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