Legendary Landmarks

Legendary Landmarks – A Broader View – 700 pieces

Another fun thrift store find! Circular puzzle with the top in the center and the bottom around the entire circumference , so every seat around the puzzle is a good one. 🙂

I like the concept of this puzzle brand, they make round table puzzles like this one and 4 fronts puzzles where the bottom is around the entire edge. According to their website “Now everyone gets the best seat around the puzzle”. They have some beautiful round and square puzzles, and a whole range of educational geography puzzles as well.

The quality was quite good – the pieces were sturdy and feel thick with a good variety of shapes, the image reproduction was very nice with no image lift, and the fit was excellent. I was pretty impressed with the quality and am always happy when I find another company whose puzzles I’m happy to do!

This was a fun puzzle that mom and I did together. It was easy to pick out pieces for one or two landmarks and turn the puzzle so that we were each working on the one in front of us. It took us only one afternoon to complete and it was very entertaining. I love it when a thrift store puzzle makes us happy and we get to spend time together working on a puzzle. ❤


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