Birthday Owls

Birthday Owls – Mega Puzzles – 100 pieces

Another adorable kids puzzle. It’s really very cute with bright colors  and backgrounds that help with the assembly. The pieces fit together fairly well, but tended to come apart if you tried to move them or accidentally bumped them.

Overall the quality wasn’t too bad, the pieces were sturdy and the image reproduction is lovely. The fit was a bit too floppy for my taste, but again this is a children’s puzzle. I’m not always a fan of Mega Puzzles but this puzzle wasn’t bad.

I fear my “grandson” is going to run out of room for all his puzzles! I think we’ve given him around 30 or so by now, and I’ve got a few in my car that still have to be delivered! Mom just can’t stop herself from buying any interesting kids puzzles that she sees at the thrift store, and so we are stocking that boy up until he jumps up to 300 piece puzzles. 😎

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