Let’s Golf

Let’s Golf by Kate Ward Thacker – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

So I got a big surprise the other day, hubby apparently ordered a couple of puzzles for me to do. They’re for him when they’re done, I’m just supposed to assemble them. Two golf puzzles for his golf room! Of course I’ve taken over some real estate in that room for puzzle assembly so perhaps it’s the golf/puzzle room? Nevertheless, two puzzles arrived that day; this 500 piece Ravensburger and a 1500 piece puzzle by Mandolin. I’ve never heard of Mandolin before. Oooh, interesting!

The first of the two puzzles he got is this adorable collage image. There are even golf valentines in there, how cute is that? This is a large piece puzzle, so it’s impressively sized, and that’s also part of the reason I wanted to do this one first. There’s something about the large pieces that makes me want to work them. The large Ravensburger pieces have the best tactile feel to them, it’s heavenly!

This one didn’t take long at all, especially because hubby helped a little bit. It’s hard for him to stay away from anything golf related. 😐 It was nice to have him help me, he’s been tied up with work and other things for a while and hasn’t assembled a puzzle with me for quite some time. I enjoyed having him help with the assembly, especially since he wants to frame the puzzle for himself.

There were lots of words to assemble, which I love, and lots of golf balls to find and assemble too. The colors are very bright and cheery, but old timey and cute as well. Hubby was even pleased to find some maps or whatever you call them of holes at the “Old Course” in Scotland.  There were so many interesting little things to see everywhere that made it so much fun that it went quickly and was super enjoyable!

He wants to frame both puzzles when they’re completed, so I’ll be gluing this one together today. Mom will be so pleased to have something to hunt for at the thrift stores, we need to find a frame. 🙂

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