I Tried…

This is the next puzzle I’ll be assembling! Look at those nice thick pieces 🙂

For six months I wrote every day about the puzzle I was working on; it became a habit. For six months I worked on the puzzle every single day, keeping track of how many pieces I was able to add and documenting my progress with pictures. I would get up in the morning (or middle of the night if I wasn’t feeling well) get a cup of coffee and head into the golf/puzzle room to look at the puzzle, start the day’s assembly, or check and see if someone from a new country had looked at my blog. People from 28 different countries have checked out my jigsaw journal, isn’t that amazing?!

When the Disney puzzle was completed there was a sense of loss almost, I no longer had the project to work on and I no longer needed to document my work. There was no longer any chit chat with myself and anyone who reads the blog about how I was feeling, how the day’s progress went, etc. I miss that.

I’ve kept up with the blog, but have only been posting a puzzle every other day because there’s no way I can keep up with a puzzle a day. I have lots of time on my hands but not that much! I have several puzzles completed and the posts already written, but I’m only posting them every other day in case work on a larger or more difficult puzzle takes a lot of time. But I miss sitting and putting down my thoughts about the puzzle I’m working on, or the new fascinating puzzle mom found at the thrift store, or how I’ve gone off my rocker again and bought a bunch of new puzzles. 😉

I tried to only post a completed puzzle every other day, but I’ve decided this morning (up at 2 am 😐 ) that there’s no reason why I can’t just sit down and blog about jigsaw puzzles on days where I haven’t completed a puzzle. There’s plenty of jigsaw jabbering going on in my head so I might as well get it out and put it here in my “journal”. I’m sure it won’t be scintillating or noteworthy to most people, but I’m alright with that. It’s more for me than anyone else really, but if there is a person or two out there who enjoys the jigsaw jawing and jargon you are more than welcome to hang out and read along!

Does that mean I’m adding a sub-hobby to my jigsaw hobby? Or is blogging about jigsaw puzzles a completely new hobby? Does the word “hobby” look weird to anyone else? I think I may need a nap today.

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