Wednesday 03-29-17


Looking good, right?

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get all the grass done and then all that will be left is the white flowers at the bottom and the rock or stump – whatever Thumper is lying on. The grass isn’t too difficult with the different blades showing, it’s a little easier to match up the blades and shades of green. I didn’t work on Flower at all today, so if I finish the grass and am still feeling up to it I may try to get his tail finished.

I want it to last, but I also want to be done! I still haven’t figured out yet what to do with it, and I can’t really assemble the whole thing until I have a plan as to what’s going to happen with it afterward. I want pictures of the entire puzzle assembled, but I really don’t want to assemble it only to have to disassemble it afterward back into the 10 sections. Arrgghh! I have to make a decision! 😕

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