Tuesday 03-28-17


It’s unimpressive, but whatever. I can only do what I can do, stop pressuring me! 😉

Both of the tree trunks are assembled, and I was able to attach one of the falling petals near one of them; then I started filling in between the trees. It’s slowly coming together and looking good!

For the most part, from here on out it will be filling in.Tomorrow will be filling in the rest of the dark pieces and probably finishing Flower, his tail isn’t completely filled out. Once most of the top half is done I’ll turn the board back over and start on the bottom half. Lots of white flowers to do!

I realized yesterday while working on a smaller puzzle in bed that I was in danger of losing one of the pieces to this giant Disney puzzle! I went and grabbed one of the trays so that I could sort edges pieces; and when I dumped the edge pieces onto my smaller puzzle board and started assembling the edge there was a piece that definitely didn’t belong. I’m working on a Wasgij puzzle from Jumbo, and they have a distinctive feel to them – it wasn’t a Jumbo piece. It was definitely a Ravensburger and it had a mottled brown color (it goes between the tree trunks, I’ve already placed it) – and I thought “Holy crap, I almost lost this thing!”

It was most likely underneath the liner I have on the trays, and if I had been careless in how I carried the tray from the puzzle room to my bedroom I could have dropped it. I would never have looked anywhere except where I’m working on the puzzle!  There’s no way I would have searched in the hall, living room or bedroom. I came really close to losing that piece! Thank goodness I didn’t, I would have been SO upset with myself. 😮

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