Tuesday 03-21-17


I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to put Flower together. How cute is he?  SO CUTE!

It doesn’t look like much, but just Flower is over 200 pieces, it took me a while to get him assembled. But he’s just so darn adorable, it was completely worth it!

I’m not sure where I’ll go tomorrow – there’s a lot of different things I could work on. I could try to put Thumper or Bambi together or even work on the pink flowers in the trees. I’m not feeling like working on any other characters at the moment, so I may want to go with the flowers. It all depends on whether or not I burst into flames from these damn hot flashes – I think my inner child is playing with matches!!

Tune in tomorrow evening to see where the sweating menopausal lady decided to assemble pieces in her gigantic midlife crisis puzzle. 😮 🙂

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