Monday 03-20-17


I got a lot of the twinklies filled in, but still have about 100 pieces left that I should be able to fit somewhere around the edges. I think my poor old brain has thought enough for the day because I can’t seem to make the brain cells do the thinky thing. Guess that means it’s time to stop for the day before I get discouraged or upset. Happy thoughts – unlimited nap time and free puzzles! 😉

I do enjoy it when I have a frame to work with, it just seems more like a “regular” puzzle that way. It’s also easier to place things approximately where they go and helps to make the puzzle look more complete. This is all my opinion of course, but since I’m the one doing the puzzle, my opinion is the one that really counts.

Although I still have quite a few twinkly pieces left, I’m unsure whether or not I’ll be working on them tomorrow. I may decide to start working on one of the characters; either Bambi or Flower. Of course as usual, I won’t know until tomorrow when I get into it what I’ll be in the mood to do. Flower is so darn cute – but Bambi can be connected to the filmstrip at the top. Hmmm.

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