Yarn Party

Yarn Party by Linda Picken – Karmin International – 550 pieces

Another thrift store puzzle, this one hadn’t even been opened yet! This was my first puzzle from Karmin. Although I’ve seen the name before, hadn’t worked a puzzle from them.

I enjoyed this puzzle, even though I was unimpressed with the quality of the pieces. They were quite thin and easily bent, there was a large amount of puzzle dust both in the bag and in the box itself, and there was quite a bit of glare from the coating on the pieces. Luckily the puzzle wasn’t overly large and I was able to carry it on the board to a place in the room where I could take a picture of it without all the glare bouncing off of it.

That being said, still enjoyed myself. The image was cute, the piece shapes were interesting and not everything has to be perfect all the time. Even though the pieces were thin I still had fun putting the puzzle together and found that I enjoyed the assembly in spite of the quality! Sometimes I’m too in my head and I should just relax and have fun, right?

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