Monday 02-13-17


Giraffes! Aren’t they amazing looking? It’s all coming together and looking great. I’ll be able to work on it tomorrow morning, but it may be slow going for a couple of days as I’m having another procedure and may not be up to much puzzling for a few days.

Less than 500 pieces to go now, it’s getting exciting! Almost 80% percent done, and there are only 2 more sections left to go. I’m enjoying assembling all the animals, but I am unable to string words together to articulate why. My brain cells are on strike or something and I feel unbelievably stupid at the moment. I like puzzles. 🙂

I do have a couple of posts written up and ready to publish on additional puzzles, just so there will be something posted every day even if I’m not able to work on The Lion King. WordPress lets you set up a time and date to publish posts, how cool is that?? I can get stuff ready beforehand and post when I’m not even upright or awake!


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