Tuesday 01-24-17


So today I got all of the remaining pieces put on trays separated by shapes, and I’m working on filling in the rest of the puzzle. Trying to fill in the entire right side so that filling in the left side will be much easier, I’ll know what piece shape I’m looking for.

It was difficult working on the puzzle today without good lighting. Although it looks like lots got done it wasn’t as much progress as I would have liked. It’s alright though, I’m down to under 1000 pieces and things are still moving along!

My mom asked me today if I thought that I’d be out of sorts after I’m finished, feeling let down because the project would be over with. I can’t say for sure, but I probably will be a little let down. Although I have PLENTY of puzzles to catch up on once this puzzle is finished. At my house I probably have at least a year’s worth of puzzles to do, and at my mom’s house are probably 3 or 4 more years worth of puzzles to be done. But we aren’t addicted, we can quit anytime we want! 😉

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