Monday 01-23-17


Got a bit done today, then my overhead light died. 😦 And let me tell ya, good lighting is super important! I tried to keep working on it, but all the pieces just looked like blobs of color and it wasn’t going well at all. Hubby worked 12 hours today so I’m not asking him to do anything till he catches up on some sleep. I have a small stand alone light I can use till we fix the overhead.

Tomorrow I have errands to run, but hopefully I’ll be able to sit or stand for a while to work on the puzzle and try to finish the water/foamy pieces. It’s going really well, I’m quite pleased. I think I’ll work on the dark pieces next, and by then I’ll be down to less than 1000 pieces to go in this section!

A reader commented today that they are also working on this puzzle, they are in Belgium and have completed a section already (The Lion King). I was so glad to hear from someone else who is taking on this insane challenge! And all the way over in Belgium, how cool is that?

I started this blog for family and friends to keep up with my progress and I’m blown away by how many people from all over the world have checked out my site and some are even following the blog every day. In internet terms this is just a piddly little site with barely any followers or readers, but it means a lot to me and I’m glad for every single person who reads it. Thanks everybody! 🙂


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