Donuts and Pastries

Donuts and Pastries – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Since I showed the Coffee Cafe on Monday, I figured we’d add some donuts and pastries to go with!

Obviously this is not a picture of the completed puzzle that I did. I do have a picture of that on my completed puzzles 2016 page (April – June) but I must have been having an inner ear problem or I desperately need new glasses because the picture is extremely cockeyed and I don’t have the entire puzzle in the picture. Although if you’re interested you can see a bit of my bedspread at the bottom. 🙂 So I decided it would just be better to show the WHOLE puzzle in a picture. Ta-da!

This was another extremely fun collage from White Mountain. It’s so much fun for me to have a bunch of smaller images to put together, it makes it seem like even a 1000 piece puzzle is no big deal and it goes so quickly! The puzzle was the usual good White Mountain quality, and the image quality was so good it made me hungry. The donuts were interestingly decorated, the backgrounds were fun and all together it was just a great puzzle to assemble.

When I’ve been working on a difficult or challenging puzzle it’s so nice to have a collage puzzle as a palette cleanser. I can pull out a few pieces and assemble them, which leads to the next space and so on.  Not to say one is more fun than the other, the challenging ones are fun for me as well!

If you’re a fan of collages, donuts or puzzles, I highly recommend this puzzle. Yum!

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