You Won’t Believe It


Right here is where I would tell you how many pieces are complete and how many are left to go.  Not going to happen this time.  I have proof that I completed this section, which is good, because while trying to take a better picture IT FELL OFF THE BOARD!!! 😮 😡 😮

The fabric on my board keeps everything in place.  So much so that my husband and I can take the board and hold it almost vertical while walking it into another room, doesn’t slip the least little bit. So I finished, and was trying to prop up the board to get a better angle for a picture without so much glare and bumped it just a little – and it’s all gone. I feel like a complete and total idiot. I am a complete and total idiot. For about 5 minutes today I was halfway done with the world’s largest puzzle. 5 whole minutes.

I know, it’s just a puzzle. It’s not the end of the world. No one was hurt. It can be re-done. I know all those things in my head, but I just want to cry. While trying to find all the pieces and picking them up I was thinking that I am not going to do this one again right away. It’s too upsetting at the moment. I don’t even want to look at these puzzle pieces right now. Then of course practicality reared it’s ugly little head and said “If you don’t do it again right away, you are taking a chance of losing pieces.” If I didn’t find them all, and one got vacuumed up or chewed by the dog, I would be even more upset. And, by the way, almost nothing is still together.  The fit is somewhat loose, and it just all collapsed and fell apart. I have to do the entire puzzle again.

So it looks like everyone is going to be getting a break from daily updates for a while.  No one wants to hear about me doing the same section all over again. I don’t wanna hear about it either, I just have to do it. I’ll probably add posts daily about other puzzles I’ve done, there are plenty of those to choose from. But I won’t bore everyone with updates and pictures about a puzzle I’ve already completed once. Once I finish it AGAIN and am ready to start the 2nd half of the puzzle I will again write my daily updates.

I’m sure this will be a funny story later on.  MUCH later. At the moment it doesn’t seem humorous at all. Ha Ha Friggin Ha. 😐




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