Thursday 11-17-16

700 pieces to go!

Was only able to work sporadically today, and I had some help in the evening from hubby. Much better picture today, no glare!

All remaining pieces are now on trays and separated by shape. It’ll still be 3 or 4 days till it’s finished, but I’m plugging away at it and I will get there eventually.

The bucket is mostly done, and all that’s left are some suds in the lower left corner, and dark or muted colors at the sides and bottom of the bathtub. And of course the twinklies. Always the twinklies. They’re the last to get done as they are the pieces that are most alike, and the most time consuming. But because they’re being done last, I can see the finish line and am not frustrated by how much time it takes. That’s how I fool myself, even though I know I’m doing it. 🙂

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