Wednesday 11-16-16

Almost there!  

Sorry about the glare, not a good picture day 😦 I laid the board down flat to be able to work mostly from a seated position, which apparently makes for a less desirable picture.

Looks almost done, doesn’t it? There are still 900 pieces left to assemble! Doesn’t look like there are that many left, but according to my count that’s how many are still waiting to join the fun.

Today was another day where my knowledge of the piece twins and their position in the puzzle was EXTREMELY beneficial. The dark indistinct area to the right of the tub would have taken me much much longer had I not been able to keep track and know which shape I was looking for. It’s saved me several hours so far I would say. Made it easier to sit and watch tv, and then go in the puzzle room during the commercial and put it a few pieces. I was able to do between 5-10 pieces per commercial break! It doesn’t sound like much in a 4000+ piece puzzle, but compared to sometimes not even being able to find a single piece during a 3 minute commercial break, 5-10 is amazing! I’m so glad I figured out the pattern.

Looks like 3 or 4 more days and Dumbo should be complete and taking a long nap under my bed until his 7 other friends are finished and ready for final assembly.

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