Buy A Ticket See 90 Movies

Buy a Ticket See 90 Movies by Adrian Chesterman – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

I love all the visual puns in this image, and it was fun to see how many movies we could name.  We didn’t get them all, but we got a lot! To Kill A Mockingbird in the lower right corner was so literal it made me laugh!

The quality of this puzzle was adequate I would say. I’m not a fan of the super tight fit and having to really push the pieces together to assemble them.  To me, it feels as if the pieces shouldn’t be together if I have to force them and I’m constantly double checking to see if I’ve chosen the proper one. I prefer a fit where they click together and you’ll know that it fits without having to work at it too much (Ravensburger, Jumbo, Schmidt, Pomegranate)

FYI if you plan on getting this puzzle and you’re looking for the guide to see the names of all the movies, the website listed on the box no longer has the key.  If you email Sunsout they will send you the list.

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