Friday 11-18-16


Didn’t get as much accomplished today as I would have liked, but it is looking really good! All that is left to do is fill in both sides, and I need 3 more full rows across the bottom. I’m thinking Sunday it should be done. Unless I get some help tomorrow, which is a possibility. Hubby always likes to swoop in at the end to help finish it. I don’t mind, it’s nice to have someone to work with and talk to, and he’s kinda cute 😉 Also, I have to get mom over here to find at least one piece; she’s put at least one piece into every section so far, and she’s kinda cute as well.

Still over 500 pieces to go, which I why I say it’ll most likely be Sunday. But it’s going a little faster with each piece I’m able to find. Amazingly, I’m still having a great time working these sections and I am not frustrated or sick of them at all!

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