The Adventures of Robin Hood (Buried Blueprints)

Buried Blueprints Adventures of Robin Hood by Al Lorenz – Masterpieces – 1000 pieces

I did NOT enjoy this puzzle at all. If it weren’t for my husband working it with me and making me keep going I would have stopped halfway through. He seemed to enjoy it more than I did, and being the wonderful wife that I am I humored him and kept working on it even though it was frustrating me. 😉

The quality was good enough, but the artwork was fuzzy and indistinct which made it quite difficult to find pieces you’re looking for. I believe it was the nature of the artwork and not the image reproduction. The pieces were random cut which was a nice change from the grid cut puzzles I normally do, and I did enjoy the informational blurbs placed throughout the puzzle.

Not a very fun one in my opinion but it was a 99 cent thrift store purchase, and it occupied me for a while.

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