World War II Posters

World War II Posters – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

I adore collage puzzles, and this one was no exception.  As an added treat all the posters were interesting and actually had my mother and I looking things up online to find out more information.  Apparently saving your used “waste fats” like bacon grease or meat drippings for use in explosives was one of the ways people could help in the war effort. Also saving scrap metal, rags, not wasting food, not traveling, etc.  So many interesting tidbits!

Collage puzzles seem to suck me in because finishing one small section leads to having pieces already in place for the next section.  It’s easy to pick out all the pieces of the same color to work on each “little puzzle”. This was a super fun puzzle for me; informative, interesting, and just plain cool looking! Thanks to my daughter for buying this one – I’m not sure if I would have purchased it myself but I’m glad she did. White Mountain has so many excellent collage puzzles and many of them are on my wish list.

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