Thursday 11-03-16

So close to the end!

I didn’t work very long on the puzzle today, but got a lot done because it’s so near the end and the pieces seem to go in faster. I’m already deciding what section to do next. I was thinking Dumbo (so cute with Dumbo taking a bath), my husband suggested The Jungle Book (my favorite Disney movie, best songs!) I’ll have to see what mom says tomorrow and see if there’s any agreement or if we have 3 different suggestions. Bambi and Beauty and The Beast look like the easiest ones to me, so I want to save them for the last two.

Finally finished all the dark pieces, dark blue border and edge pieces. Yay me! I put all the remaining pieces on trays separated by shape, and was even able to find those two bleeping pieces I was missing in the middle of the stagecoach. YES!!! I quit early tonight and am laying in bed with my heating pad and my dog. I may even work on my Civil War Generals puzzle if I can’t sleep yet.

Visiting day with mom tomorrow so progress will be minimal. I will try to work some in the morning before I go and in the evening after I get home. Hopefully before the weekend is over this baby will be done and out of my hair. 3557 pieces down and only 475 to go! Perhaps I worked faster on this one because I wanted to get it over with. But even when it was frustrating me I was still kinda enjoying the frustration, because I know once I get to the end and every piece is in it’s proper place that I will be so proud of myself!

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