Friday 11-04-16

Almost there!

A little bit of progress today, just over 300 pieces to go! Either tomorrow or Sunday it should be finished. Most likely tomorrow, because hubby likes to help at the tail end of puzzles. He can swoop in when it’s almost done and help finish it, without having to do any of the hard stuff. That’s ok, I enjoy having someone work on a puzzle with me. It’s nice to talk and help each other find pieces, it makes it seem more fun even though I think puzzles are fun even if it’s just me working them. Sometimes I even let him put the last piece of the puzzle in if I’m feeling generous. That last piece is the best!

I got two whole rows filled in on the left side of the puzzle, and am working on filling in the bottom before the actual twinklies start. Shouldn’t be too much longer now and I’ll be 100% done with Cinderella and 20% done with the entire puzzle. YES!!!

As of right now I’ve decided to do Dumbo next. That may change before I actually have to pull the bag and start sorting, but I doubt it. The adorable little elephant is up next. I may have to be reminded of how adorable he is later on when I’m sick of looking at his face (you know, how you feel about your kids or your spouse when they’re being buttheads) 🙂

Don’t change that dial!  A complete Cinderella should be up next!

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