Wednesday 11-02-16


Super frustrating day working on the puzzle, there are so many pieces that are the same shape and color with only minute differences and I kept finding pieces I had placed incorrectly. Grrrr!

It’s getting close, I may be able to finish this by the end of this weekend. We’ll have to see. I’ve been pushing myself to get it done, perhaps working when I should be resting, and it’s catching up with me. I have to take it a little more slowly. There are still PLENTY of pieces left in this puzzle, maybe about 33,000!!

It’s looking really good, but man is this puzzle even harder than it looks! Of course if it were too easy it wouldn’t be as much fun. I may be able to finish the dark blue and the edge tomorrow. Have to wait and see how I’m feeling, I might need to take it easy and not do as much as I have been doing. Hopefully all the dark will be finished at least, that stuff is kicking my butt!

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