Monday 10-31-16

Looking awesome!

It was so hard to make myself stop working on the puzzle this evening! Every piece I put it seemed easier to find and it was going faster than it had during the day. But I know how long it takes to get the blog post for the day done, and I didn’t want it to be after midnight when I got it finished and posted.

I got a lot more finished than I expected to, which is always a good thing. I filled in almost all the holes in the lower part of the puzzle, except for those two darn pieces in the stagecoach. I know they’re hiding in the container with the twinklies, but I’m not rifling through the whole thing looking for 2 pieces. When I get there I will find them I’m sure.

I was also able to fill in inside the blotchy magic swirls, which was more difficult than I thought. There’s a repeating pattern and there were several times where the piece fit perfectly but on closer inspection it was just a little bit off in color or design. Have to be more careful with the darker pieces where it isn’t as easy to tell the difference in shades of the same color. Still, not tedious or frustrating for me.

I’m going out tomorrow morning to shop for discounted Halloween candy (thrifty, frugal, cheap, tightwad – any of these names are fine with me) 🙂 Once I get stocked up on bad for me snacks that I don’t really need, I’ll be back home for the day and ready to get back to work on Miss Cinderella. I’m hoping to get a big chunk of it done since it’s going faster as I go along.

Also, in addition to tomorrow’s update I’ve decided to add short posts about puzzles I’ve done this year. I do have them on pages on the site, but thought it would be good to break up the monotony of only updates about the big puzzle, since I’m not doing the extra puzzles fast enough. I think an additional post every other day is how I’ll start. We’ll see how it goes.

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