Sunday 10-30-16

Magic swirls (blotchies) done! Whew!

The blotchies were not as difficult as I thought they would be, except for the swirl that goes from the end of the magic wand around to her shoulder. That part took the most time because I had almost nothing to let me know what piece shape I should be looking for, usually just a male or female end. For the most part they all look they same – kinda blotchy – so there wasn’t much you could tell from looking at the image. It took a while to do that stretch, but I am not complaining and here’s why; when I start the darkness and trees at the top I will have an easier time because there will be a lot of pieces to work off of! Silver lining!

According to my count I have approximately 1400 pieces left to go – not too shabby! In other good news, my husband has gotten me a better light to go above my puzzle table and will be installing it after I complete this section. He doesn’t want to worry about anything falling on the puzzle while he works in there. It will be so nice to have better light to work by, and maybe the pictures I take won’t have so much glare from the light that is in there now. Here’s hoping!

There is no more putting it off, tomorrow begins the dark pieces. I think though, that it won’t be too bad. There are a lot of trees in the background and although you can’t really see it in the picture they are actually highlighted in shades of blue. That will break up the black nicely and make for a speedier assembly. There are still probably between 700-900 of the darker pieces so it won’t be done in a day, but I don’t think it will be as monotonous as I feared (fingers crossed)

I’ve barely touched the other puzzle I’m working on, I get so obsessed with the Disney. I thought before I started that I would want other puzzles to work on in addition to the big one to keep from getting bored or even just to be able to finish something sooner than once a month. But as of right now the Disney is not boring me and I have little to no interest in working on any additional puzzles. I’m trying to make sure I do though, even if it’s only a few pieces here and there while I’m watching tv or laying in bed. That way it breaks up the monotony of this blog too, so I have something to talk about here that isn’t the same old same old. New puzzle finishing soon, I promise something more exciting!

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