Thursday 10-27-16

Filmstrip nearly complete

Not the best angle for the picture – got quite a bit of glare – but you can see the progress made on the filmstrip. I’m already in bed and too tired and lazy to take another picture.

After struggling through 3 days of the dress the little scenes seemed ridiculously easy by comparison and went very quickly. Perhaps I learned from the first section how to better assemble the scenes, or perhaps after working on the gown for so long and teaching my eyes to distinguish the subtle color changes I am now a master puzzler. NOT 🙂

I wasn’t able to work for too long today, just couldn’t get comfortable sitting or standing. But I was able to get quite a bit done. Although placing everything approximately where it will be in the puzzle made me realize there will be quite a bit of darkness/trees above all the figures. I know you can see it in the poster of the puzzle, but it’s something else altogether to see it in front of you and realize how much of it there will be. Just because I got through the assembly of the dress does not mean there isn’t plenty of challenging stuff left in this puzzle. There are “blotchy pieces” (what I call the balls of light coming from the godmother’s wand and wrapping around the figures in the foreground), the ground around everyone’s feet, and the twinklies on two sides.

Having gotten through the dress, though, I’m confident I can get through just about anything. So I may whine and moan about slow progress when I get to those parts, but just ignore me. I’ll get through it eventually and will be super proud when it’s done!

Tomorrow is visiting day at mom’s, so I won’t get much done except for in the morning while I’m having coffee and waking up. But as long as there is progress made, even just a few pieces I’ll be happy. My goal is to work on it every single day  once the section has been started. I was able to stick to that with the first section, although a couple of days I was only able to put in a few pieces because of preparations for hurricane Matthew. But even if it was only 5 pieces there was progress made every single day.

It really isn’t difficult to work on it daily as I’m constantly changing positions/activities throughout the day. I can always take a detour into the golf/puzzle room and find a couple of pieces to insert into the puzzle. I’m hoping there will be enough pieces added tomorrow to make a visible difference so that I can update with a new post and picture.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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