Wednesday 10-26-16

Ball gown? Finished!

I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but there it is – Cindy’s dress is done!! When I looked at the puzzle sections to decide which ones were most difficult I was SOOOO right to pick this as one of the sections that would be challenging. But I have to say I’m extremely proud of myself for completing it. Yay me 🙂

I even began working on the filmstrip, didn’t get a whole lot done but it’s a start. I enjoy working on the little scenes inside each frame of film, you wouldn’t think they’d be much to look at but they are very detailed and they remind me of watching the movie with my kids. I’m trying to remember the last time I actually saw Cinderella. It’s most likely been around 20 years or so, when my kids were little. My youngest is 24, so it’s been a while! I was listening to the soundtrack last week when I started the puzzle, and that brings back memories as well. It’s amazing how much useless knowledge is kept in my brain – I still remember every word to every song!

I’m excited to get the entire filmstrip put together to see all the scenes close up. The poster that comes with the puzzle is beautiful and very large, but with my aging eyes it’s difficult to see the smaller parts. Each scene in the filmstrip is around 10-15 pieces, so it’s quite detailed and much easier to see in person than on the poster. Hopefully there will be lots more progress tomorrow, with an impressive picture showing how much I was able to accomplish.

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