Tuesday 10-25-16

That’s a big dress!!

Two days and counting, and the dress is still not done. Wow. I knew it was big, but holy guacamole! It’s not this size so much as the fact that it’s all white/lavender/pale blue/iridescent and they are not always distinguishable from one another. The first day was the worst, and today was a little better. Hopefully we’ll be able to make some good progress tomorrow, but I’m not counting on being done by then as there’s still a LOT of dress yet to finish.

I was also able to finally give Cinderella her shoulders and arms which makes her look much more complete and also allowed me to connect her to the coach. Always happy to make connections!

I knew this section was going to be difficult, and I keep trying to remind myself of that. But I look at the section for Bambi or Beauty and the Beast and I’m wishing to be doing a more fun one. One with bright colors, plenty of people, animals or things to keep it a little easier to do. Of course, if it were too easy it wouldn’t be as much fun either. We always seem to want what we don’t have, don’t we? This section is just as challenging as I thought it would be, but I’m trying  to stop myself from getting frustrated when it seems very difficult to find even one piece.

I will eventually get to each section, regardless of whether I think it will be easy or challenging, and hopefully in less than a year I hope to have the entire puzzle done. What an accomplishment that will be!

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