Monday 10-24-16

Not much progress today 😦

Started on Cinderella’s enormous dress, but wasn’t able to get as much done as I’d hoped. Super frustrating for me when you include not feeling well and being hormonal – YIKES!

I did get the pieces sorted and got some work done on the center of the dress, but I had to keep walking away from it because it was getting the best of me. I’m trying to remind myself that I knew it was going to be one of the most difficult sections, and that’s why I’m getting it over with now; but it’s hard to remember that sometimes. I’ll start fresh tomorrow in the hopes that with lots of rest I’ll be renewed and ready to take on this beautiful and frustrating ball gown.

If I’m not doing well with it again tomorrow I may try to find a different area to work on. Or maybe I should cowgirl up and keep at it – have to finish it at some point, right? I’ll wait and see how I’m feeling tomorrow I suppose. I hope to have a more positive update tomorrow night, either with the amount of progress made, my attitude about it, or both!

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