Sunday 10-23-16


It’s funny how when you’re sitting working on a puzzle, it is hard to see the whole image. You see missing pieces, the general shape and color of pieces you should be looking for and you sort of see where things are heading. But when you take a picture and look at it from a distance and different perspective it seems so much more complete than you realize.

I had a tough time today finding pieces to attach, and also being able to sit down very much and for very long to work on it. The coach was relatively easy to do, but after that was finished I was kind of stuck. Couldn’t find the pieces I was looking for and couldn’t decide what to do next. I ended up just taking trays of pieces into my bedroom and working on finding matches within certain colors regardless of where they fit into the puzzle. Spent a lot of time laying in bed, working occasionally with the pieces.

Almost all of the horse is finished along with the coach, and I was also able to get some background done around the footman and get him attached to the horse. I’m always happy and feel more accomplished when I can attach small sections together. Tomorrow I may take the plunge and try to get going on the rest of Cinderella herself. I’m trying to do some of the more difficult parts first so I am not left with just the challenge of piecing together everything that’s dark or twinkly.

It’s only been 3 days, but even though I was stuck for a while today and it seemed as if I had to concentrate more, I am still very much enjoying this puzzle. I hope that doesn’t wear off!

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